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BIBI, Highlight, and LE SSERAFIM, among others, are bringing freshness and vitality to the music charts with their comebacks in genres they haven’t tried before

BIBI, Highlight, and LE SSERAFIM, among others, are bringing freshness and vitality to the music charts with their comebacks in genres they haven’t tried before.

These groups are bringing freshness and vitality to their comebacks with genres they haven’t tried before.

Highlight released their fifth mini-album “Switch On” on the 11th. After a hiatus of 1 year and 4 months, Highlight has been particularly meticulous in preparing this album, as it marks their first full-group album in a while.

The album includes the title track “BODY” and three self-composed songs by Lee Gi-kwang, totaling 5 tracks.

Especially, “BODY” is a groovy house-style song, a genre Highlight has never attempted before. It features an addictive chant melody and expresses a love confession, saying, “This moment with you is the most precious.”

Previously, Highlight emphasized mature and sophisticated sexy vibes in their activities for songs like “DAYDREAM” and “ALONE,” but this time, they used a catchy and exciting charm to target MZ fans.

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By expanding their music spectrum based on the solid skills of all four members, Highlight has once again asserted their presence in the current K-pop scene.

Regarding this, Highlight commented at the showcase held the day before the release, “Many fans may think that lyrical melody dances are what make Highlight stand out, but while those are good, I wanted to bring a cheerful and enjoyable song suitable for the season,” adding, “Choosing a house-style song is a new attempt, and it allows us to embody both wit and coolness at the same time.”

LE SSERAFIM sought musical variation with their third mini-album “EASY.” The title track “EASY” is a trap genre song that reflects LE SSERAFIM’s determination to make everything look easy, even though nothing is easy.

So far, LE SSERAFIM has boldly faced distorted perspectives with confidence and effort in each album title track, from debut song “FEARLESS” to “ANTIFRAGILE” and “UNFORGIVEN.”

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However, this time, they focused on the anxiety and concerns behind the stage. In the trailer video released before the album’s release, LE SSERAFIM conveyed the message they wanted to say through the new release, inspired by the poem ‘Good Bones’ by Maggie Smith.

The term ‘Good Bones,’ used in the construction and real estate industries, refers to the potential for a house to become excellent when repaired or rebuilt, even if it is old and dilapidated. In the trailer video inspired by the poem of the same name, LE SSERAFIM exuded an unusual atmosphere with a determined gaze and rough footsteps that seemed to be completely absorbed in something.

Not only the message but also the song style has changed to a slow rhythm old-school genre, and LE SSERAFIM’s characteristic sharp choreography remained while drawing attention with hip-hop rhythms.

Their new song “EASY,” which is also making its mark on the music charts, entered the Billboard Hot 100 at 99th place (as of March 9th), and the album of the same name ranked 8th on the Billboard 200 chart. The album has surpassed cumulative sales (as of February 27th) and joined the ranks of million sellers.

BIBI is also enjoying a second heyday with her new song “bam yang gang,” which is completely opposite to the music style she has presented so far.

With “bam yang gang,” a easy-listening genre song, BIBI is expanding her musical spectrum and dominating the music charts. Written, composed, and arranged by Jang Kiha, ‘bam yanggang’ captivates the hearts of the public with BIBI’s vocals and a bright yet melancholic charm.

비비 (BIBI) - 밤양갱(Bam Yang Gang) Official M/V - YouTube

Especially, this is the first time Jang Kiha has given a song he personally made to another singer, and ‘bam yanggang’ combines BIBI’s lovely charm with Jang Kiha’s unique musical taste, creating a positive synergy.

The serene lyrics are also a popular factor. In particular, the lyrics “sweet and sour, sweet and sour, sweet night snack” compress the theme of sweet and bitter love and deliver it in a catchy way.

BIBI, who has dominated the music charts with her new song, expressed her joy on the tvN entertainment program ‘Amazing Saturday,’ saying, “It’s my first time entering the charts.”


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