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Han Hyo-joo, who played a couple with Jo In-sung, revealed, “Jo In-sung is thoughtful, but he doesn’t like showing it”

In the Disney+ original series ‘Moving,’ which features a romantic couple storyline, Han Hyo-joo and Jo In-sung recently participated in a photoshoot and interview for the fashion magazine Harper’s BAZAAR.

In an interview that followed the photoshoot, Jo In-sung talked about Han Hyo-joo, saying, “After meeting her through this project in my current state with accumulated age and experience, I saw her as an actress once again. There’s a non-scientific feeling that is conveyed through photos or screens. When I saw Han Hyo-joo’s gaze, I felt that she is an amazing actress. It’s not empty words, and I’m looking forward to the next 10 years with her as an actress.”

Han Hyo-joo, on the other hand, shared her thoughts on Jo In-sung, stating, “Meeting him as a fellow actor, I learned that he is a very considerate person. Like a ‘tsundere’? He cares a lot about people around him and is thoughtful, but he really dislikes showing it. He has a strong sense of responsibility and will to carry the work as the main character. There were many moments that I felt grateful.”

Regarding the new genre of ‘Korean-style hero story,’ Jo In-sung said, “There aren’t many wealthy heroes in Marvel, right? This drama’s biggest charm lies in portraying the ordinary lives of people who run chicken or pork cutlet restaurants, the kind of people we see around us. Mystery usually comes from the unknown. This drama is not mysterious, but it’s about ordinary people with extraordinary abilities. It will also be fun to explore the historical background, like ‘Forest of Secrets.’ Korean major events are interwoven into the storyline.”

Regarding the challenging wire action scenes, Han Hyo-joo commented, “The actors who had to do wire action really worked hard. The actual filming before the post-production was not as cool as the final result, so we even had to hold back our laughter. We joked that all of ‘Marvel’ is filmed like this, but I feel proud that we created scenes that are not yet common in Korea.”

The photoshoot and interview with Jo In-sung and Han Hyo-joo can be found in the September issue of Harper’s BAZAAR.

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