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In “Unexpected Business 3”, Jo In-sung shines in the land of kindness at the Gimbap Hell

In “Unexpected Business 3,” Jo In-sung displayed his dynamic performance by shuttling between the kitchen and the counter, revealing his irresistible charm like a “black hole,” which received a great response from viewers.

In the 2nd episode of tvN’s “Unexpected Business 3,” which aired on the 2nd, the first day of business at the Korean-American market “Asia Market” in the USA was revealed.

Jo In-sung, who quickly grasped the reality and demonstrated agility in response to all situations, took charge of the site by giving precise instructions. He moved back and forth between the kitchen and the counter, working diligently from preparing gimbap ingredients to serving customers, captivating the viewers with his dedication and hard work.

Amid the hustle and bustle of running here and there, when gimbap orders began to pile up, Jo In-sung sighed, “Is this where I belong?” but immediately acknowledged, “Yes, this is where I belong,” in response to Yoon Kyung-ho’s words, adapting to the real situation, bringing laughter to the viewers.

Having consistently displayed his humane charm and exceptional consideration throughout the show, Jo In-sung once again expressed his affection for the part-timers by calling them one by one to ensure they had a meal, offering words of encouragement.

He even asked customers who ordered the large crab ramen whether the price of the ramen was fair and advised them on where they could eat Korean food, effortlessly engaging in conversation with the local residents.

To other customers visiting the market, he said, “We’ll be running the market for ten days. Please come by often,” drawing attention with a friendly communication style that transcended generations.

Jo In-sung’s sincerity and authenticity at all times were truly charming and resonated with the viewers.

In the episode, he demonstrated his quick grasp of reality, agility, meticulous consideration, and humanity, causing the viewers to leave comments like, “Gimbap Hell has turned into In-sung Heaven,” “Jo In-sung is quietly but truly a warm person,” and “Jo In-sung’s black hole charm that you can’t escape from.”

Jo In-sung’s performance also led to an increase in the viewership of “Unexpected Business 3.” The viewership of this episode was recorded at 6.555% nationwide according to Nielsen Korea standards (based on paid platform subscriber households). This is a higher figure than the previous episode’s viewership of 5.950% (October 26th). The viewers’ anticipation for “Manager Jo” Jo In-sung’s performance in “Unexpected Business 3” has been raised to a higher level.

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