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HIGHLIGHT has gained the right to use the trademark of BEAST

HIGHLIGHT has gained the right to use the trademark of BEAST.

On the 2nd, HIGHLIGHT‘s agency Around Us stated, “We have smoothly reached an agreement with Cube Entertainment regarding the use of the ‘BEAST’ trademark.”

However, they will continue their activities under the name “HIGHLIGHT.” Around Us commented, “It feels new to be able to show the team name ‘BEAST’ separately from the activity name. We hope this news becomes a meaningful gift for the group and LIGHTs (their fandom) as they celebrate their 15th anniversary.”

They surprised fans by releasing a video on their official SNS and YouTube channel today (2nd) at midnight. The video featured the debut dates of both BEAST (‘2009.10.16’) and HIGHLIGHT (‘2017.03.20’), along with the names “HIGHLIGHT X BEAST.”

Additionally, dates ‘2024.05.10’, ‘2024.05.11’, and ‘2024.05.12’ were revealed in the video, arousing curiosity. The phrase “LIGHTS GO ON, AGAIN,” which is the name of BEAST’s fourth mini-album released in 2010 and also the name of their fan club, further excited fans.

Meanwhile, they recently released their fifth mini-album “Switch On” and achieved success with the title track “BODY,” winning first place on music shows twice. “BODY” continues to maintain a steady rise on domestic and international music charts and short-form platforms.


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