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IVE’s Ahn Yujin’s dazzling firework performance… Professionalism at its best? Urgent need for artist safety measures

During the ‘2023 Ulsan Summer Festival’ special stage of “Show! Music Core” that aired on the 5th, a dangerous situation involving fireworks effects caught the attention of viewers.

In the midst of IVE‘s performance of “I AM,” a highlight part of the stage included fireworks effects that went off while Ahn Yujin was singing. As a result, the fireworks smoke got into Ahn Yujin’s eyes, causing her to struggle to keep her eyes open and continue the performance with a strained expression.

In a fan-captured fancam from the scene, Ahn Yujin can be seen lowering her head to shield herself from the fireworks while continuing the performance. The video went viral online, with many praising Ahn Yujin’s professionalism and dedication.

However, some concerns were raised about the risky situation Ahn Yujin was put in due to the fireworks effects, and there were opinions pointing to the responsibility of the production team. The broadcast version of the incident edited the scene, transitioning to a wide shot when the fireworks went off and showing Ahn Yujin moving backward with her eyes closed. This sparked criticism from netizens who felt that the production team hadn’t prioritized safety.

While elaborate stage effects are important for creating an engaging performance, many emphasize that artist safety should be the top priority. The broadcasting company and event organizers have yet to respond to the controversy. Moving forward, it’s essential for production teams to prioritize artist safety and take quick measures to prevent accidents.

Author Nat.O
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