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CheongKwanJang to choose Lim Young Woong as the new face of the brand

Lim Young Woong has become the new face of CheongKwanJang.

On the 18th, KGC CheongKwanJang announced that they have selected Lim Young Woong as their new model.

KGC CheongKwanJang explained that they chose Lim Young Woong as the new model because they judged that his thorough self-management and sincere attitude towards fans align with the values of trust that Junggwanjang has built.

They also highlighted that Lim Young Woong’s signature greeting, “Stay healthy and happy” (abbreviated as “건행하세요” in Korean), resonates with Junggwanjang’s commitment to providing the highest quality that contributes to customer health.

Lim Young Woong will start his official activities as the brand’s model with a brand TV commercial scheduled to air on the 24th.

To commemorate Lim Young Woong’s selection as the advertising model, CheongKwanJang plans to conduct various events. Their Family Month promotion will run from the 24th of this month to the 17th of next month, during which all0- customers will receive special goods featuring Lim Young Woong.

A KGC CheongKwanJang official expressed anticipation for the synergy that will be created by Lim Young Woong, standing tall as a trusted icon with exceptional talent and character, alongside CheongKwanJang’s commitment to uncompromising quality. They also emphasized their plan to strengthen customer communication to allow many consumers to experience the everyday strength prepared by Lim Young Woong and Junggwanjang.

Additionally, to celebrate Lim Young Woong’s appointment as the advertising model, Junggwanjang will hold the “CheongKwanJang New Model Advertising Quiz Event” from the 19th to the 23rd. Participants can enter the event by scanning the QR code on the event posters displayed in Junggwanjang stores nationwide, through official social media channels, KakaoTalk Plus Friends, or the Jungmall event page.


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