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The relentless malicious comments, personal attacks, and invasions of privacy have led many celebrities to continuously express their suffering

The relentless malicious comments, personal attacks, and invasions of privacy have led many celebrities to continuously express their suffering.

On the 20th, SM Entertainment, the agency for NCT DREAM, announced the suspension of Renjun‘s activities. According to the statement, Renjun recently visited the hospital due to health concerns and symptoms of anxiety. The medical examination revealed the need for sufficient rest and focus on recovery.

NCT Dream's Renjun to take hiatus from schedule due to health issues |  allkpop

SM stated, “We prioritize the health of our artists, and after careful discussion with Renjun, we have decided to focus on his treatment and recovery.”

Consequently, Renjun will not participate in scheduled fan sign events from today onwards and will also be absent from NCT DREAM’s solo concert scheduled for May. Additionally, SM emphasized that they are continuously monitoring and taking legal action against malicious posts aimed at Renjun and other artists, including defamation, harassment, spreading false information, and insulting behavior.

Previously, Renjun publicly shared the malicious messages he received from sasaeng fans, expressing his distress caused by privacy invasion and malicious comments.

Responding to a sasaeng who accessed his private messenger, Renjun angrily replied, “Instead of hiding like a coward and typing, if you have something to say, meet face-to-face with a lawyer. Contact this person and say what you want.”

Renjun also made public this conversation on a paid fan communication platform, emphasizing, “Idols are also human beings. They feel hardship. Do you judge us based on this unreasonable schedule? What’s shown must naturally be beautiful and lovely.”

He further commented, “If you work hard pursuing your dreams, money will eventually follow. Are there professions that don’t earn money in this world?” and “Let’s live our lives properly. Don’t meddle with irrelevant people or waste time. If you have time, learn how to calm your mind and be composed, instead of venting your anger on irrelevant people.”

Meanwhile, recently, BoA, while appearing as Oh Yura in the tvN drama “Marry My Husband,” was troubled by some negative comments about her lips.

Controversy surrounds BoA's acting debut on tvN's 'Marry My Husband',  K-netizens share their thoughts | allkpop

Later, during a live broadcast, BoA explained, “It seems like many people are interested in my appearance these days,” and clarified, “Overlapping lips? I have a habit of biting my lips, and it seems to have spread. Many people are worried about my lips, but my lips are fine.”

However, as the negative comments about her appearance continued, BoA responded, “If I don’t manage it, I’m criticized for not doing so; if I do, I’m criticized for having done it. You may not know your own face, but don’t waste your life.”

She added, “I’m sorry, but I am who I am, BoA.” BoA also shared her feelings openly on Channel A’s “Open Interview,” expressing her hope that celebrities living public lives will not become targets for venting frustrations from the public.

Debuting in 2000, BoA has been active in the entertainment industry for 24 years, enduring constant malicious comments.

However, with the recent escalation, BoA hinted at her emotional struggles over the years, stating, “Once my contract ends, I guess I can retire, right?” Eventually, SM Entertainment took action, warning that they are actively responding to various online communities and overseas social media platforms related to malicious comments about BoA.


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