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Unveiling NEXZ: JYP’s New boy group prepares for debut!

Unveiling NEXZ: JYP’s New boy group prepares for debut!

NEXZ will showcase their special debut preparations on the Mnet M2 program “Debut Preparation Class Club NEXZ” airing on the 10th.

“Debut Preparation Class Club NEXZ” is a program depicting their various experiences as they transition into ‘professional idols’ ahead of their official debut in Korea.

Previously, the group captivated prospective viewers with their unconventional photoshoots in unique locations and passionate engagement in quiz debates, showcasing their lively sense of entertainment. In “Debut Preparation Class Club NEXZ”, they will not only display their youthful charm but also highlight teamwork and sparkling chemistry among the seven members.

NEXZ is a rookie boy group born through the audition program “Nizi Project Season 2”, a collaboration between JYP and Japan’s largest record label, Sony Music, in 2023. The group name, a contraction of “Next Z(G)eneration”, was personally coined by JYP’s representative producer and judge of “Nizi Project”, Park Jin-young, with the desire to “open up the future with a new generation.”

Since their debut preparation, the group has been gaining attention from K-pop fans through activities such as releasing the Korean and Japanese versions of the final mission song “Miracle” from “Nizi Project Season 2” on December 18, appearing on local broadcasts, and more. Recently, they showcased their talent and potential as next-generation performers by collaborating with renowned dancers in the group project, releasing performance videos. The multifaceted activities and global appeal of the group are drawing keen interest in their future endeavors.


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