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SEVENTEEN’s Joshua Dating Rumors Ripple… ‘Demand for Withdrawal’ Truck Protest vs. ‘Call for Protection’ Statement

Waves continue to surround SEVENTEEN member Joshua, who has been caught up in sudden dating rumors. Some fans are currently staging a protest demanding Joshua’s departure from the group, while other international fans are calling for the protection of Joshua by his agency. As the agency’s official statement has been delayed, the fandom’s opinions appear to be divided.

A truck bearing a message demanding Joshua’s departure from the group arrived on the afternoon of the 10th at Yongsan-gu, Seoul, and the protest is currently ongoing.

The truck protest demanding Joshua’s departure is being carried out by some fans of Seventeen. They criticized Joshua’s dating rumors with statements such as ‘Oppose Dating / Lip Sync / Public Display of Affection,’ ‘Celebrities who disregard the efforts of group members and the sincerity of fans have no future,’ and called for Joshua’s departure from the group.

The dating controversy surrounding Joshua spread primarily through social networking services (SNS). The suspicion is that Joshua has been in a relationship with influencer A for several years. The problem is that Joshua and A allegedly deceived fans by revealing their relationship and posed for ‘lovestagrams’ (acts of displaying affection on Instagram), which has led to criticism from some fans about the authenticity of their actions.

Joshua and A have been suspected of dating for about three years. They have been seen wearing similar outfits and fashion items multiple times and posting them on Instagram, along with suspicions of ‘lovestagrams.’ They have also been photographed at similar places and times, and there are suspicions that they have taken trips together.

Overseas fans claimed to have witnessed Joshua and A together during Joshua’s overseas schedule, and photos supporting this claim are also circulating.

Fans’ anger reached its peak when it was suggested that Joshua invited A to a recent Seventeen concert. The person believed to be A was captured sitting in the closest seat to the stage, watching the performance. Joshua also greeted A during the concert. Numerous netizens claimed to have witnessed A at the concert.

Rumors are circulating that Joshua gifted an expensive sports car to A, and allegations that Joshua continued to deceive fans by maintaining a multi-year relationship with A are also being raised. This has ultimately led some fans to demand Joshua’s departure from the group, resulting in the ongoing truck protest.

In addition, online communities and SNS are full of content suggesting fans’ disillusionment with Seventeen due to Joshua, as well as posts about Joshua and Seventeen concert tickets being sold, as well as related merchandise.

On the other hand, arguments have arisen from fans that the agency should protect Joshua from the criticisms. These arguments are mainly coming from international fans.

They released a statement on the 10th, urging the agency to express its position. They stated, “After the Joshua dating controversy, relentless defamation, threats, and malicious actions have followed,” and emphasized that the agency “should protect Joshua from anti-fans’ attacks and encourage him.”

They further stated, “All Seventeen members are facing potential threats” and demanded a thorough cleaning of SNS spaces, especially Winner’s fan community.

They also announced that the Korean and Chinese Seventeen fan clubs will stand in solidarity to continue their actions.

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