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Kim Saeron’s intentional act or a mistake? In the dead of night, an unexpected dating rumor surfaced

Kim Saeron’s intentional act or a mistake? In the dead of night, an unexpected dating rumor surfaced.

Kim Saeron, who is currently under self-reflection for drunk driving, posted an unexpected recent photo on the 24th. In the early hours, she shared a picture on her Instagram story of herself and Kim Soo-hyun facing each other, which she deleted after about three minutes.

In the revealed photo, the two individuals strike quite an affectionate pose. Displaying sweetness like lovers, they gaze at the camera closely while being tightly close. Kim Saeron winked, while Kim Soo-hyun sported a drowsy expression. Some speculate that Kim Soo-hyun, rather than being her drama counterpart Kim Jiwon, is newly dating her, who used to be from the same agency. On the contrary, there are speculations that Kim Saeron uploaded the past photo intentionally or accidentally.

Indeed, the two have been caught up in dating rumors in the past as well. Kim Saeron, born in 2000, and Kim Soo-hyun, born in 1988, have a 12-year age difference, making them considerably of the same age. Kim Saeron’s mother, born in 1980, has a mere 8-year age difference with the rumored partner Kim Soo-hyun.

She was sentenced to a fine for a drunk driving accident in 2022, is currently in a situation where her casting for projects has been cut off. An advertising agency official has been assisting Kim Saeron, whose income has been cut off since earlier this year. Kim Saeron is teaching supporting actors and acting aspirants, creating a group chat to arrange lesson schedules, and engaging in a sort of part-time job.

Meanwhile, Kim Soo-hyun is currently starring in tvN’s “Queen of Tears.” “Queen of Tears” tells the story of the breathtaking crisis and miraculous rekindling of love between Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Jiwon), the queen of the Queens group and a third-generation chaebol of a department store, and Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun), the son of a neighborhood butcher and a supermarket prince, who are in their third year of marriage. Kim Soo-hyun’s comeback piece after three years is gaining attention as his third collaboration with writer Park Ji-eun, following “My Love from the Star” and “Producer.”


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