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“Queen of Tears” is generating a buzz with each episode, ahead of its 20th episode airing

tvN’s weekend drama “Queen of Tears” is generating a buzz with each episode, ahead of its 20th episode airing.

“Queen of Tears” tells the story of Hong Hae-in (played by Kim Ji-won), the queen of a conglomerate and a department store, and Baek Hyun-woo (played by Kim Soo-hyun), the son of a local village head and a supermarket prince, as they face a thrilling crisis in their 3-year marriage and the miraculous restart of their love story.

The drama drew public attention due to being the new work of writer Park Ji-eun, who previously created hit dramas like “My Love from the Star” and “Crash Landing on You,” and because it brings together Kim Soo-hyun and Kim Ji-won in one production.

With viewership exceeding 20% (based on Nielsen Korea’s paid household standard), “Queen of Tears” has set new records for its highest viewership rating for six consecutive weeks. There are predictions that it may surpass the all-time tvN drama record of 21.7% achieved by “Crash Landing on You,’ considering that many dramas achieve their highest ratings in the final episodes. As there are still four episodes left until the finale of “Queen of Tears,” it is highly anticipated to potentially secure the top spot.

The drama is also creating significant buzz. According to K-Content Online Competitiveness Analysis Firm Good Data Corporation’s results for the 2nd week of April, “Queen of Tears” topped the list for drama buzz for six consecutive weeks. In terms of cast buzz, Kim Soo-hyun reclaimed the top spot in just two weeks, tying with Kim Ji-won with three top spots each.

Central to the drama’s success are the performances of the lead actors. With a prowess that can now be described as the master of romance, Kim Soo-hyun exudes a strong presence, while Kim Ji-won also excels in her role, delivering more than 120% of what is expected.

Most notably, attention is drawn to Kim Ji-won’s filmography through her portrayal of Hong Hae-in in “Queen of Tears.” Hong Hae-in requires a high level of acting skills, encompassing excitement, pathos, cuteness, comedy, and cynicism. It can be said that “Queen of Tears” is a culmination of all the charm Kim Ji-won has displayed in her previous roles.

From her debut in the MBC sitcom “High Kick!” portraying youthful exuberance, to the unforgettable villain Yu Ra-hel in “The Heirs” showcasing her unique charm, to embodying inner strength in the record-breaking “Descendants of the Sun,” and bringing cheerful comedy in “Fight for My Way,” and the contemplative Yeo Mi-jeong in “My Liberation Diary,” Kim Ji-won has established her unique universe through her diverse characters.

In a recent interview during a photoshoot, Kim Ji-won expressed, “Looking back, the characters I’ve portrayed seem to have been strong and self-reliant individuals with clear beliefs and values. Characters with their own convictions and values.”

Despite not being an outstanding and eccentric lead, Kim Ji-won has quietly built her filmography. “Queen of Tears” is just the first step in showcasing her capabilities, and viewers are embracing her acting with familiar yet fresh affection.

Kim Ji-won has expressed her desire to challenge various genres. One thing we can be certain of is that whatever role she takes on, her filmography will remain an irreplaceable asset. “Queen of Tears” is just the beginning of Kim Ji-won’s journey to showcase her talent, with its finale set to air on the 28th.


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