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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun expresses his desire to get married: “I want to get married in 5 years”

On the recent episode of SBS’s “Dolsing Fourmen,” Kyuhyun expressed his thoughts on marriage.

In the episode that aired on the 3rd, Kyuhyun, Yerin, and rookie Jin appeared and met Tak Jaehoon, Lim Wonhee, Lee Sangmin, and Kim Junho.

In his mid-30s, Kyuhyun confessed, “I want to get married within 5 years.”

In response, Kim Junho sighed and complained, “Do I have to go first?” Surprised, Kyuhyun asked, “Are you not going to go in the next 5 years?”

Kyuhyun explained why he wants to get married within 5 years, saying, “I’m already 35. I want to get married before I turn 40. I do want to get married.”

Tak Jaehoon asked, “Do you have any romantic ideals for marriage?” Kyuhyun replied, “I envy it when I see elderly couples holding hands while riding in a car or walking. I think that’s beautiful.”

Tak Jaehoon jokingly said, “That’s because they’re afraid the other will collapse,” breaking the fantasy. Lim Wonhee added, “Those couples might be remarried couples.”

Tak Jaehoon pointed out, “Kyuhyun, your fantasy of marriage is that you want to live happily as an elderly couple.” In response, Yerin said, “I think you can get married at that time,” poking fun at him.

Kyuhyun shared his ideal type for marriage, saying, “I like someone with whom I can have a good conversation, similar hobbies, and matching vibes.”

To this, Lee Sangmin advised, “You only get to know what kind of person your partner is after you get married.” Kyuhyun asked, “What about living together?” and Lee Sangmin replied, “That’s also good, but even if you live together, there are things you only find out after marriage.”

Lee Sangmin emphasized, “Even if you doubt it, you only get to know your partner after marriage. If you think about the worst aspects of your partner and are still okay with it, then you should get married.”

Tak Jaehoon asked Kyuhyun, “When was your last kiss?” Kyuhyun replied, “I don’t remember.” Tak Jaehoon joked, “That’s sad. That’s why your front teeth look dark.”

Yerin was asked if she had ever been on a blind date, and she replied, “I’ve never been on one. I debuted at the age of 20 and never had the chance.”

When asked if she has ever thought about marriage, Yerin expressed her doubts, saying, “I can’t imagine marriage. Can I get married? Will I really get married?” Tak Jaehoon encouraged her, saying, “You can do anything. You can get married, get divorced, and get married again.”

Lee Sangmin asked if she wanted to meet someone like her father, and Yerin replied, “No. I don’t want to meet a man like my father. My dad is too extroverted. He’s always hiking, taking the family somewhere, and never rests. I like staying at home, but my dad is always on the go.”


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