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“The Plot”, starring Kang Dong-won, has confirmed its release on May 29th

The production company’s latest film starring Kang Dong-won, titled “The Plot,” has confirmed its release on May 29th and has unveiled teaser posters and a teaser trailer.

“The Plot” depicts the story of Yeong-il (played by Kang Dong-won), a designer who manipulates commissioned murders to look like accidents but gets entangled in unexpected events. Kang Dong-won is expected to showcase a new side of himself through this film.

The revealed teaser poster captures attention with Kang Dong-won’s sharp gaze as Yeong-il, who perfects manipulating murders into accidents. The poster combines accident scene photos and newspaper headlines to form Yeong-il’s face, hinting at a dramatic storyline. The caption “Is it a coincidence or a planned murder?” raises expectations for the innovative theme of a commissioned murder disguised as an accident. The poster overlaps Yeong-il, who seems to be watching someone, with his team members—Jackie (played by Lee Mi-sook), Wolcheon (Lee Hyun-wook), and Jeomman (Tang Jun-sang)—gathered at the scene of the incident, stimulating curiosity about the unpredictable drama that lies ahead.

The teaser trailer captures attention from the beginning with numerous accident scenes happening in daily life, amidst which Yeong-il, the designer manipulating accidents, stands out.

The trailer adds intrigue with the line “The more eyes that see it, the more people will believe it’s an accident”, raising curiosity from the start, showcasing characters such as Yeong-il, who believes that all accidents can be manipulated, along with colleagues moving alongside him, new characters involved in the incident, clients, and targets, making it difficult to grasp their true intentions.

The synergy among Yeong-il’s flawless designs and his team members at Samgwang Security—veteran Jackie, disguise expert Wolcheon, and the youngest, Jeomman—promises unpredictable fun. The appearance of diverse characters, from client Joo Young-sun (played by Jung Eun-chae) and target Joo Sung-jik (Kim Hong-pa) to insurance expert Lee Chi-hyun (Lee Mu-saeng), truth-seeking detective Yang Kyung-jin (Kim Shin-rok), and cyber troublemaker Rekka Hauser (Lee Dong-hwi), adds realism and heightens tension.

“The Plot” is scheduled for release on May 29th.


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