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Actor and model, a visually stunning couple: Yoon Park and Kim Soo-bin’s wedding resembles a photoshoot

The wedding of actor Yoon Park (36) and model Kim Soo-bin (30) was like a photoshoot, and the scene has been revealed.

Kim Soo-bin expressed her gratitude on social media on the 2nd, saying, “I sincerely thank all the guests who came to congratulate our wedding and everyone who sent their heartfelt congratulations from afar. I will not forget your kindness and will live well,” and shared photos of the wedding taken by acquaintances.

After reciting their marriage vows, Kim Soo-bin walked the aisle with a bright smile, while Yoon Park playfully clenched his fist toward the guests, showing a relaxed demeanor. A friend commented, “When a top model gets married, it feels awkward like this, Su-bin, I can’t tease you,” and “As expected, the groom is cool. Su-bin is always happy with Mr. Yoon Park~” “She’s a goddess in her own way,” congratulating them.

In May, Yoon Park announced his marriage news through SNS, saying, “This fall, I promised to spend the rest of my life with my beloved lover. I would be grateful if you could bless us to build a good family.” Yoon Bak made his debut in 2012 with the sitcom ‘Can’t Live With Losing’ and has appeared in dramas such as ‘Good Doctor,’ ‘Age of Youth,’ and ‘People at the Weather Agency.’ Kim Soo-bin is currently active as a fashion model under YG KPlus.


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