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Forrestella’s Kang Hyeong-ho has tied the knot with weathercaster Jeong Min-kyung

Forrestella’s Kang Hyeong-ho has tied the knot with weathercaster Jeong Min-kyung.

Forrestella’s Kang Hyeong-ho married Busan MBC weathercaster Jeong Min-kyung on the 13th in Busan.

At the wedding, even the military serviceman Go Woo-rim attended with his wife, former figure skater Kim Yuna. Forrestella performed a celebratory song together.

Earlier on March 12th, he announced through a handwritten letter, “I will be getting married in April as the third batter of Forrestella!!”

He continued, “They say if you keep your eyes on something, your heart will follow. Initially, I prevented my girlfriend, who was preparing for a job in Seoul, from coming, but after my debut with Forrestella, I ended up having a long-distance relationship as I lived in Seoul. Finally, thanks to my girlfriend who patiently waited, we are able to build a happy family.”

Kang Hyeong-ho also expressed his determination, saying, “If you bless our first steps of marriage with the same loving gaze you always sent, I believe we can live even better. I will repay you by creating wonderful music with a healthy body and mind in a more stable environment.”

Kang Hyeong-ho and Jeong Min-kyung have been in a lovely relationship since 2015.

Meanwhile, Forrestella participated in the ‘BJJMUSIC Original’ project, releasing their first track “Stuck In a Maze” on January 17th. Additionally, Kang Hyeong-ho released a new song titled “This Song” on the 8th.


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