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Lee Sang-yeop joins the ranks of the sold-out men on 24th March 2024, warmth wedding reception by reknown celebrities

Lee Sang-yeop joins the ranks of the sold-out men.

Lee Sang-yeop will tie the knot with his non-celebrity girlfriend at a hotel in Jamsil, Seoul.

Last September, his agency stated, “Lee Sang-yeop is preparing for his wedding with his non-celebrity fiancée next year,” and expressed their position by saying, “It’s the stage where wedding preparations have just begun.”

On this day, the wedding reception was hosted by Yoo Jae-suk, and the congratulatory performances were presented by MeloMance and violinist Danny Koo.


Congrats Sangyeob!! 🥹 Jaesuk was the mc for his wedding :’) from watching his streak of guest appearances in RM in 2018 where i rly liked his chemistry with the members and then watching his interactions with Jaesuk & Somin on Sixth Sense and then now to Jaesuk being the mc for his wedding!! how time flies #leesangyeob #yoojaesuk #sixthsense #runningman #kdrama

♬ original sound – ~

After the announcement of his marriage, Lee Sang-yeop expressed his anticipation and excitement for marriage through various entertainment programs.

He appeared on MBC’s “Point of Omniscient Interference” in October last year and said, “It’s been about 9 months since we met. I didn’t propose marriage; it just naturally happened. One day, we were making a reservation at a wedding hall,” and expressed his affection by saying, “I feel comfortable when we’re together. Above all, it’s fun. In my eyes, she is so beautiful. She has the atmosphere of Song Eun-i. She is very smart.”

He also added, “Although (my fiancée) is younger than me, I understand everything she says. Even when I’m grumbling, if she speaks, I listen as if it’s the word of God,” evoking envy.

Moreover, on the KBS2 entertainment program “New Release Fairytale,” he said, “I am getting married because I love her. I can’t forget our first meeting. When we were having a meal, we looked up at the same time and our eyes met. I still remember her face looking at me round-eyed.”

Lee Sang-yeop, who is active in both dramas and entertainment shows, receiving much love, is receiving warm congratulations from the public for his marriage.


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