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Ahn Eun-jin’s dress mishap saved by quick-witted MCs at the Blue Dragon film awards

Actress Ahn Eun-jin, who shot to stardom with the MBC drama “Lovers,” had a potentially embarrassing moment on the Red Carpet at the Blue Dragon Film Awards that could have haunted her for life. Her dress started slipping, which could have led to an unintended exposure. However, thanks to the quick thinking of the MCs present, disaster was averted.

Ahn Eun-jin appeared on the Red Carpet wearing a silver dress, elegantly strolling down.

However, it seems that the dress did not fit properly because, when she stood in front of the photo wall, it started slipping down. There was a moment when her undergarments were dangerously exposed.

At that critical moment, the MCs displayed their quick-thinking sensibilities by using cue cards to shield An Eun-jin’s exposed area. Thanks to this, Ahn Eun-jin was able to recover from the dress mishap smoothly.

Afterward, she gracefully dealt with the situation, saying, “I’m grateful just to be invited to the Blue Dragon Film Awards, and I’m even more thankful to have been nominated for last year’s film.”

Those who saw the video reacted with comments like, “It was really dangerous,” “The MCs are truly the best,” “The cue cards saved the day,” and “Ahn Eun-jin’s graceful handling of the situation is impressive.”

Meanwhile, Ahn Eun-jin attended the event as a nominee for her role in the movie “The Owl.”


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