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Ma Dong-seok’s movie “Badland Hunters” will be released on Netflix on January 26th.

Ma Dong-seok’s movie “Badland Hunters” will be released on Netflix on January 26th.

Netflix’s action blockbuster movie “Badland Hunters”, which will kick off 2024 with the perfect collaboration between Ma Dong-seok and martial arts director Heo Myeong-haeng, has released a teaser poster and teaser trailer ahead of its release on Friday, January 26.

“Badland Hunters” is an action blockbuster depicting the final struggle for survival among those living in a ruined world, a lawless place ruled only by power.

The released teaser poster catches the eye with the image of Namsan (Ma Dong-seok), a hunter hunting a huge crocodile alone while holding a weapon in one hand. The ruined background featuring cracked ground, collapsed buildings, and crashed airplanes hints at the extreme situation the characters in the play are in, while the copy “A ruined world, we need hunters” means hunting in the rough wilderness. It raises curiosity about what kind of events will happen to ‘Namsan’, which started the project.

In the trailer released together, the vast background of the post-apocalypse, a world of ruins where everything has collapsed, shows the overwhelming scale that “Badland Hunters” will present. The scene where ‘Namsan’ fights against unidentified enemies in the wilderness with various weapons such as bare hands, machetes, long guns, and rifles makes his hands sweat. The fast-paced action brings a sense of pleasure, and it captures even more attention by foreshadowing the synergy between world-renowned action star Ma Dong-seok and Korea’s representative action master director Heo Myeong-haeng.

Next, the sight of ‘Yang Ki-soo’ (Lee Hee-jun), the only doctor who survived the destroyed world, smiling eerily while looking at something raises curiosity about his true identity and heightens tension. In addition, ‘Namsan’s’ partner ‘Jiwan’ (Lee Jun-young), who goes hunting with ‘Namsan’, ‘Suna’ (Roh Jeong-eui), a girl who survived the ruins facing the imminent crisis, and ‘Namsan’ and an unidentified enemy. The appearance of ‘Eun-ho’ (Ahn Ji-hye), a sergeant belonging to the special forces, raises expectations for the action blockbuster epic ‘Wilderness’ that they will write.

“Badland Hunters” will be released in over 190 countries around the world through Netflix on Friday, January 26th.


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