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“The Outlaws 4”: Ma Dong-seok expressed his confidence

Ma Dong-seok expressed his confidence in “The Outlaws 4.”

Ma Dong-seok is set to release “The Outlaws 4” this year. Despite experiencing a pandemic with the second and third installments, “The Outlaws” series received great love from audiences in crisis-ridden theaters, setting records of over ten million viewers.

During an interview with HeraldPOP held at a cafe in Anguk-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Ma Dong-seok talked about “The Outlaws 4.”

On this day, Ma Dong-seok mentioned the character casting for the new film “The Hunt,” saying, “‘The Hunt’ was planned, and I had a lot of concerns about whether it would be better to take a different character or to stick with Ma Dong-seok. For entertaining action movies, the consensus was to keep Ma Dong-seok as is.”

He explained, “It’s natural for me to have concerns about casting, but I thought it would be good to bring in different types of fun.”

He continued, “If I didn’t want to feel uncomfortable, ‘The Outlaws’ 2 and 3 shouldn’t have happened either. Movies should be watched if they’re fun, and I think we shouldn’t have an obsession with trying various things to make them enjoyable.”

He emphasized, “In other action or genre movies, it’s possible that someone other than Ma Dong-seok may appear. However, we won’t deliberately make movies to create different characters. When I think a new character is appropriate, a new character can emerge. Since there are many action movies currently, I want to try everything there.”

Furthermore, Ma Dong-seok revealed, “‘The Outlaws 4’ has the highest rating among ‘The Outlaws’ series from the blind screenings and other previews.”

He added, “‘The Outlaws 4’ has a completely different tone. It’s heavy and intense with strong emotional lines. You might think it’s just going to be heavy, but there’s also interesting comedy within.”

Meanwhile, “The Outlaws 4” depicts a crime cleanup operation led by the monstrous detective “Ma Seok-do” (Ma Dong-seok), who confronts the villain “Baek Chang-gi” (Kim Moo-yeol), a former special forces mercenary leading a large-scale illegal online gambling organization, and the IT industry genius CEO “Jang Dong-cheol” (Lee Dong-hwi). Along with “Jang Yi-soo” (Park Ji-hwan) who returns, and the members of Gwangsoo-dae & Cyber Team.


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