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DAZED photoshoot: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo showed off her elegant yet mysterious presence

BLACKPINK’s Jisoo showed off her elegant yet mysterious presence in DAZED photoshoot.

In the DAZED pictorial released on the 23rd, Jisoo showed off her beauty in an elegant yet mysterious atmosphere.

In an interview conducted along with this, Jisoo was asked about the motto that she recently revealed on YouTube “Every moment, every moment)” and said, “I think I am a person who has pursued happiness since I was young. As a result, I myself am not happy when I am tied down to something or worried about the future. As I was thinking, ‘How should I think to be happy?’, I thought, ‘Let’s live while being satisfied with each moment,’ ‘Let’s live while focusing on the moment,’ and I think that’s what happened.”

Meanwhile, Jisoo continues her BLACKPINK activities with YG Entertainment and her personal activities with the company founded by her older brother. It is known that Jisoo’s older brother runs the health functional food company Biomom and plans to support Jisoo by establishing an entertainment company called Blissoo.

Jisoo has confirmed her appearance in the movie “Omniscient Reader’s Perspective” and is considering appearing in the Coupang Play original series “Influenza”.


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