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Amidst the controversy surrounding Song Ha-yoon’s school violence allegations, contrasting positions have emerged, suggesting a prolonged dispute.

Amidst the controversy surrounding Song Ha-yoon’s school violence allegations, contrasting positions have emerged, suggesting a prolonged dispute.

On the recent episode of JTBC’s “Crime Scene Leader” aired on the 1st, it was revealed that popular actress S, referred to as the perpetrator of school violence. The informant, A, claimed that during high school, she was called by S, a senior, and slapped for an hour and a half. Additionally, it was reported that S was involved in other cases of assault and was forced to transfer schools.

The actress identified as S is Song Ha-yoon. Her agency stated, “After confirming the facts with the actress regarding the informant’s claims, it was confirmed that there is no acquaintance whatsoever between the informant and the actress, and none of the mentioned contents are true.” However, in a subsequent statement, the agency acknowledged that “Song Ha-yoon did indeed transfer schools due to school violence at Banpo High School,” but added that “it is unrelated to the incidents reported by JTBC ‘Crime Scene Leader.'”

In a third statement, Song Ha-yoon’s side denied all allegations and stated, “We are considering taking civil and criminal actions against the informant and seeking necessary legal measures, including requesting a broadcasting ban on JTBC ‘Crime Scene Leader.'”

In response, A appeared again on JTBC’s “Crime Scene Leader” aired on the 2nd. A expressed anger, stating, “How can they not know who I am? It’s impossible. They offered to cover all expenses if I come over from the U.S. to Korea. It doesn’t make sense. The whole situation doesn’t add up. And if this gets exposed, everything else will come to light. My friends all know about what happened. It’s just that the person involved doesn’t know. Things are coming to light.”

The production team of “Crime Scene Leader” mentioned, “Song Ha-yoon said she would come to our company today for an interview, but for reasons unknown, it was suddenly canceled. The informant said yesterday that they would give one last chance through the broadcast. If Song Ha-yoon’s side continues to officially deny the facts, they stated that they will no longer conceal the matter.”

Moreover, on the same day’s episode of “Crime Scene Leader,” the issue of Song Ha-yoon’s forced transfer incident was also discussed. Song Ha-yoon’s side stated on “Crime Scene Leader,” “Song Ha-yoon was indeed involved in an assault incident. However, the details are different. Song Ha-yoon was a victim of school violence by a clique. Two students from the group came to Song Ha-yoon and said, ‘Let us know when the victim comes to school,’ and upon this, the students assaulted the victim. In that situation, Song Ha-yoon did not participate in the assault but only informed about the incident.”

One of the three perpetrators in the incident that led to Song Ha-yoon’s transfer, referred to as C, was also interviewed on ‘Crime Scene Leader.’ The production team added, “It is said that after Song Ha-yoon transferred to the school, she got involved in an altercation while meddling between the group (perpetrator and victim), which led to the assault incident. After the incident, C went to the victim’s parents to apologize, but it is not known whether Song Ha-yoon apologized.”

With Song Ha-yoon’s and informant A’s differing opinions, the public’s attention is now focused on determining which side is telling the truth.


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