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DAY6 delivers spectacular “Welcome to the Show” concert experience

DAY6 delivers spectacular “Welcome to the Show” concert experience.

From sound quality and setlist to the 360-degree venue, stage manners, and the members’ vocal conditions, everything was flawlessly perfected in DAY6’s “Welcome to the Show.”

The boy band DAY6 proved once again why they are known as ‘trust and listen DAY6’ on the afternoon of the 14th as they held their solo concert “Welcome to the Show” at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium in Seoul, Songpa-gu, Jamsil-dong.

The opening song of the concert “Welcome to the Show” was, without a doubt, their eponymous title track. As a recently released song that encourages audience participation, DAY6, together with their fans My Day, ignited the atmosphere of the venue right from the start.

DAY6 performed a total of six songs including the opening song at the concert ‘Welcome to the Show,’ showcasing their fantastic live skills and creating a memorable experience for the audience.

After all the members completed their military service, DAY6 held a Christmas special concert last December. This “Welcome to the Show” concert, held after a four-month break, was aptly named “Cherry Blossom Concert” as it gifted the audience with warm, happy, and delightful musical energy.

DAY6 not only curated a setlist that embodied the scent of spring but also opened up the venue 360 degrees, enhancing the depth and dimension of the stage. They introduced a fully open 360-degree stage, enabling communication with the audience and music from every angle.

Concerns were raised before the concert about the 360-degree venue as DAY6, being a four-member band with instruments, had to ensure equal visibility and conditions for all sections of the audience. However, DAY6 succeeded in this endeavor by introducing a conveyor belt system on stage, providing all audience members with an equal viewing and listening experience.

The concert peaked with “You Were Beautiful.” Ever since its release in February 2017, “You Were Beautiful” has gained renewed popularity, and Young K, while leading the audience sing-along, affectionately remarked, “You all look so beautiful right now.”

Wonpil also expressed his infinite affection, saying, “How can you all be so beautiful? Is this normal?” Sungjin teased, “Why are you being so new,” adding a touch of humor to the concert. Dowoon cheered the audience, saying, “If you think it’s beautiful, scream!”

Another pinnacle moment was “Happy.” During his performance, Wonpil suddenly burst into tears, overwhelmed by emotions. After the stage, Wonpil explained, “Singing with all my heart felt really good. This song ‘Happy’ perfectly matches these emotions. It’s not sadness, but it’s a genuine feeling of being overwhelmed with happiness.”

DAY6 filled “Welcome to the Show” solely with their voices. While there are differences between bands and idols, most K-pop concerts include costume changes or VCRs for artist breaks. However, DAY6 minimized these common elements, maximizing the joy of listening.

The charm of a DAY6 concert, which includes member tours in the audience seats, was also evident. Despite the vast size of the 360-degree venue at Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium, the members interacted with fans, touring all sections, including standing, 2nd, and 3rd floors.

In closing, Dowoon expressed, “Today’s emotions were strange. I shed tears of joy as I was overwhelmed. I felt truly happy. Thanks to all of you, I once again feel that ‘I am a truly happy person.’ The concert has ended, but DAY6 is just getting started. I hope we can create more good memories and have happy days together next time.”

Wonpil added, “I was so happy today. When we first mentioned performing in a 360-degree venue, we had many concerns about how the sound and monitoring would be. However, it was great. All of this is thanks to My Day.”

Young K shared, “It was so much fun. This moment feels like the best part. Being by DAY6’s side forever while singing ‘Eternal’ is something I can see as the conclusion of this activity. I really enjoyed it. I had imagined a lot about when and how DAY6 would return. Since we’ve been apart for quite a while, I dreamed of a mature DAY6, and it’s exactly that. It seems like we remain unchanged. Let’s be happy.”

Sungjin concluded, “When we mentioned performing in a 360-degree venue, I was concerned about how the sound and monitoring would turn out. However, it wasn’t easy. But it was good. All of this is thanks to My Day.”

DAY6 released their eighth mini-album “Fourever” on March 18.


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