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DAY6’s Young K is making a comeback after two years with his first full-length album ‘Letters with Note’

On the 31st, at noon, JYP Entertainment (hereinafter JYP) released an announcement image on their official SNS channels, revealing the news of Young K’s first full-length album release. According to the announcement, Young K will release his regular 1st album ‘Letters with notes’ on September 4th at 6 p.m. (KST).

The new album ‘Letters with notes’ holds significant meaning as it marks approximately two years since his solo debut album ‘Eternal’ in September 2021. After completing his military service in April this year, Young K, who was nicknamed ‘the first idol singer to serve in the Indonesian army,’ will showcase a matured musical world filled with deep emotions and relentless efforts through this full-length album.

Since his debut as a member of DAY6 in September 2015, Young K has been known for his strong vocal and instrumental skills, and has consistently participated in songwriting and composing, giving birth to numerous hit songs such as ‘Congratulations’, ‘You Were Beautiful’, ‘I Smile’, and ‘Zombie’. In August 2020, he formed DAY6’s first unit, DAY6 (Even of Day), with Wonpil and Dowoon, showing off a wide range of musical talents.

‘Letters with notes’ is expected to be a well-made album where the ‘artist’ Young K, who has proven his musical capabilities in group, unit, and solo activities, expresses his many efforts and sincerity, making it a precious gift-like album eagerly awaited by music fans.

Young K is a trusted singer-songwriter and a versatile entertainer who exudes powerful energy like the sun on stage. Since June 19, he has been hosting KBS Cool FM’s ‘DAY6’s Kiss the Radio,’ captivating listeners with his stable hosting skills and gentle voice. He has also been performing on various outdoor festival stages, showcasing his musician side. In addition, he participated in the songwriting and singing of ‘Better Day’, the award-winning song at JYP Entertainment’s music contest ‘SONGS THAT CARE,’ showing his positive influence and continuing his multifaceted activities.

Meanwhile, Young K’s first full-length album ‘Letters with notes’ will be officially released on September 4th at 6 p.m. (KST).


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