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The documentary music film “My SHINee World” has confirmed its date to meet Japanese audiences

The documentary music film “My SHINee World”, which covers the past 15 years since the group SHINee’s debut, has confirmed its date to meet Japanese audiences.

According to the film industry on the 21st, “My SHINee World” will be released throughout Japan on March 15th. Ahead of the release, various special benefits, including limited edition tickets, have been prepared locally and Japan’s SHAWOL (official fan club name) is waiting for the film.

“My SHINee World” is a special concert movie that tells the brilliant story of the past 15 years with SHINee and the fandom SHINee World. In Korea, it was released on November 3rd last year and was screened for a long time, receiving evaluations as “a special work that allows you to look back on SHINee’s past and present at a glance.”

In particular, this film received enthusiastic support from fans as it contains SHINee’s performances during six solo concerts, various unreleased content, and candid interviews with members.

It is also evaluated that the combination of dynamic and dense screen production and cross-editing that allows the audience to enjoy the stage from various perspectives gave a vivid sense of realism. Based on these favorable reviews, fans continued to flock to Nth viewing.

“My SHINee World” attracted attention last year when it was announced that it had been sold in 23 countries, including Indonesia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, and Russia. The Japanese release date has been confirmed, raising expectations about which country “My SHINee World” will be seen in next.

In the case of Hong Kong, it was released on the same day as Korea and received a warm response from local fans. As the movie started, fans shedding tears as well as fans holding slogans and light sticks in support of SHINee continued to visit the theater, demonstrating SHINee’s global popularity.

“My SHINee World” opened a VOD service in Korea. It can be watched through IPTV, online and mobile VOD services.

SHINee appeared in the music industry in May 2008 with “Replay” and celebrated their 15th debut anniversary last year. “Replay” was very popular and achieved the grand slam of new artist award at the year-end music awards ceremony, and later, “Juliet”, “Ring Ding Dong”, “Sherlock”, “Everybody”, “View”, “Atlantis”, and “Hard” and released several hit songs.


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