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SHINee to appear at Melon Music Awards for the first time in 10 years

SHINee will present a special stage to commemorate its 15th anniversary of debut at MMA2023.

Kakao Entertainment music platform Melon announced SHINee as the fourth lineup for MMA2023 (MELON MUSIC AWARDS) on the 22nd.

SHINee, who is celebrating their 15th debut anniversary this year, is working tirelessly on both group and individual activities, working hard separately and together. Among these, they are preparing to make a surprise appearance at MMA2023 and present a special stage.

In particular, expectations are high as they return to MMA2023 10 years after winning the grand prize as ”Artist of the Year” at the ”2013 Melon Music Awards”. At MMA2023, SHINee plans to present a special stage and diverse charms that contain 15 years of footsteps and brilliant stories from debut to present.

As SHINee held a stage encompassing all of their hit songs in 2013 and had the honor of winning the top 10 and even the grand prize, this year’s MMA2023 is expected to show off the 16-year-old group’s health not only to the fandom ”SHINee World” but also to all music fans around the world. It is expected.

SHINee debuted in 2008 with ‘’Replay’’, followed by ‘’Love Like Oxygen’’, ‘’Lucifer’’, ‘’Sherlock (Clue + Note)’’, ‘’Dream Girl’’, and ‘’View’’. ‘, ”1 of 1”, ”Good Evening”, ”Don’t Call Me”, and ”HARD”, and many other hit songs, attracting attention with high-quality music and performances. In particular, they have established themselves as an unrivaled national group by providing limitless transformation through new concepts every time.

Thanks to their active activities, SHINee was selected as the main character of the Billions Club, which celebrates artists who have achieved more than 1 billion streams since their debut, and proudly entered the Hall of Melon. The 8th full-length album ‘HARD’, released last June, also became a million-selling album, proving its undiminished popularity and influence.

MMA2023 will be held at Inspire Arena in Incheon from 5 PM (KST) on December 2nd.

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