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‘Second-generation idol stars’ who closely resemble their father’s talent, skills, and even visuals appeared in “MMA 2023”.

‘Second-generation idol stars’ who closely resemble their father’s talent, skills, and even visuals appeared in “MMA 2023”. The main characters are RIIZE’s Anton (Yoon Sang’s son), StayC’s Si-eun (Park Nam-jeong’s daughter), and Kiss of Life’s Belle (Simsin’s daughter).

These three ‘second-generation idol’ stars showed off their presence by attending the Melon Music Award 2023, a music awards ceremony held at Inspire Arena in Incheon on the 2nd.

Anton, Si-eun, and Belle attracted a lot of attention as ‘second-generation idol’ stars even before their debut. Since their debut, they have made various achievements and is on a winning streak, attracting attention as an idol star rather than just ‘someone’s daughter’ or ‘someone’s son’.

First, Anton, who has been attracting attention since childhood as Yoon Sang’s son, is gaining great popularity with his tall height and boyish visuals. Anton, who inherited not only his visual talent but also his father’s musical talent, is capturing the hearts of fans with both his producing ability and his ability to play musical instruments.

Although Yoon Sang had opposed Anton, who was a swimmer when he was young for debuting as a singer, he is now more completely in love with the singer than anyone else and is attracting a lot of attention. Yoon Sang appeared on several broadcasts and showed off Anton, making people laugh with his ‘foolish son’ aspect, adding a great effect to the promotion of RIIZE.

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Si-eun also made her name known by participating in various broadcasting activities with her father Park Nam-jung since her childhood. Si-eun, who has been active in several broadcasts with her bright and pretty visuals and witty remarks, is currently leading the team as a central member of StayC.

Unlike her fairy-like visuals, Si-eun has a stormy voice. She not only has musical talents such as singing and dancing, but also has perfect foreign language skills. She is expanding her global fandom by showing off her extraordinary presence in recent overseas performances. Park Nam-jung is a famous ‘daughter idiot’ in the entertainment industry.

In particular, as he is skilled in dancing, whenever a new song by StayC is released, he participates in a dance challenge and plays a leading role in creating a buzz. The StayC dance challenge video with Park Nam-jung has always been very popular, making him known as ‘Nam-jung the father of Si-eun’.

Before her singing career, Belle showed off her musical talent as a lyricist and composer. She attracted even more attention when it became known that she participated in writing and composing the lyrics for the group LESSERAFIM’s ‘UNFORGIVEN’.

Belle also gained fame as Simshin’s Daughter before her official debut, but she is solidifying her position as a talented idol with her outstanding musical ability. All Kiss of Life members are recognized as idols with outstanding skills, and as she establishes herself as a popular girl group member, her presence is also unique.

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As second-generation idol stars with perfect talent, talent, skills, and visuals come together in “MMA 2023,” netizens’ reactions are also enthusiastic.

Netizens are responding with joy, saying things like, “I wish we could all do a collaboration performance together,” “It makes my heart feel big,” and “How happy the fathers would be.”


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