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NCT’s Haechan was caught smoking an electronic cigarette indoors and was fined

NCT’s Haechan was caught smoking an electronic cigarette indoors and was fined.

An official from SM Entertainment, the agency, said “We confirmed that Haechan used an electronic cigarette indoors in the NCT 127 choreography practice content released on the 10th. The local public health center issued a fine for the matter. I plan to receive it and pay it.”

SM said, “We deeply apologize for causing concern to many people through our careless actions. We will pay special attention to prevent such incidents from happening in the future.”

NCT 해찬. NCT 127 공식 트위터

NCT‘s Haechan was recently taking a hiatus from activities due to severe tonsillitis. He was absent from both NCT 127’s two-day solo concert held at Vantelin Dome in Nagoya, Japan last week, and the “Circle Chart Music Awards 2023” held on the 10th.

SM released an official statement on the 10th, saying, “Haechan, who was on a schedule in Japan, first returned to Korea on the 8th and visited the hospital due to symptoms of cold and body aches accompanied by high fever. As a result of the examination, the medical staff said that he had severe tonsillitis and needed sufficient rest and stability. “Haechan plans to take a break for a while to recover quickly.”

Haechan is scheduled to leave Korea on the 11th to attend NCT 127’s third tour “THE UNITY”, which will be held in Jakarta, Indonesia on the 13th. It is said that he expressed his intention to participate in the performance and decided to leave the country.

After the Jakarta performance, NCT 127 will continue the tour in Bulacan, Bangkok, Macau, Osaka, Tokyo, etc.


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