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“The Seasons – Zico’s Artist”: Rain participated in the first recording of the KBS 2TV music program

Rain participated in the first recording of the KBS 2TV music program “The Seasons – Zico’s Artist” with his hit songs “Rainism,” “Ways to Avoid the Sun,” “GANG,” and “Instead of Saying Goodbye.”

The first recording of “The Seasons – Zico‘s Artist” took place on the afternoon of the 23rd at the KBS Annex in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul.

Appearing as a guest on this day, Rain made a glamorous entrance on stage with the song “‘Ways to Avoid the Sun,” igniting the atmosphere with “Rainism” and “It’s Raining.”

When Zico commented, “You tore it right away,” Rain responded, “I really wanted to tear this outfit apart. If I did, it might have been too burdensome for the director or Zico from the very first broadcast.”

Zico reminisced that his first encounter with Rain was in the recording studio to record the song “Summer Hate.”

Zico said, “I got his contact through acquaintances and reached out to him. He was filming a drama at the time.” Rain added, “While I was shooting a drama, Zico asked if I could collaborate on a song together. He sent me the song, and it was good. It was before ‘SSAK3,’ and I thought this friend is lucky.”

Zico further explained, “Since it’s a summer song, I thought Rain must do it without a doubt.” He added, “At the time of working on it, Rain was gaining immense popularity, so it felt like a good opportunity to collaborate.”

Later, Rain heated up the atmosphere with performances of the songs “GANG” and “Instead of Saying Goodbye.”


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