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“Season B Season”: Rain is proud of the reason why he doesn’t wear the marriage ring

“Season B Season”: Rain confessed the reason why he doesn’t wear the marriage ring

On the 15th, on the YouTube channel “Season B Season”, Rain and KCM went together to the housewarming of the responsible PD.

That day, Rain prepared a roll of toilet paper and wine as housewarming gifts. He said that wine is a customized gift for newlyweds and smiled meaningfully, saying, “After drinking alcohol…”

KCM gave a set to make herbal medicine liquor for another drink. When KCM said, “This is very important for the groom and bride,” the PD said, “I don’t need that.”

After that, they started making herbal medicine liquor directly for the PD. KCM emphasized again, “This (herbal medicine liquor) is necessary for newlyweds. I brought it after a lot of consideration. After drinking this, it’s just like…”

While Rain was generously putting a lot of herbal medicine into a pot, the PD stopped him, saying, “Brother, it’s not that much.” To this, he shouted, “This is mine!” and made everyone laugh.

Also, while looking at the PD’s hand, he asked, “Where did you put the wedding ring? Why do you go out without wearing it?” The PD explained, “Because I’m at home,” and embarrassedly, KCM added, “My hands are swollen, so I can’t put it on.”

However, he was not wearing a wedding ring. He said, “Since everyone in Korea knows that I’m married, why bother wearing it?” with a confident attitude.


Author Nat.O
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