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“Revenant” has won a Bronze Trophy in the SF/Fantasy/Horror category at the 2024 New York TV & Film Awards

SBS drama “Revenant” has won a Bronze Trophy in the SF/Fantasy/Horror category at the 2024 New York TV & Film Awards.

Aired in June 2023, “Revenant” combined Korean storytelling with occult and mystery elements, achieving the highest viewership of 14.5% nationwide and 12% in the Seoul metropolitan area (based on Nielsen Korea ratings), garnering both commercial success and critical acclaim.

Revenant (TV series) - Wikipedia

The intricate storyline by genre expert writer Kim Eun-hee, the delicate and bold direction by director Lee Jung-rim, and Kim Tae-ri‘s captivating performance shattered genre biases against ‘occult’ dramas, earning praise as a ‘life-changing drama’ for many.

Director Lee Jung-rim of Studio S expressed gratitude for the award, stating, “Thanks to the passionate performances and dedication of all the main and supporting cast members, including Kim Tae-ri, Oh Jung-se, and Hong Kyung, coupled with Kim Eun-hee’s exceptional script, we were able to achieve this honor with ‘The Devil.’ I want to share this glory with the best staff and everyone involved in this project.”

Producer Lee Ok-kyu CP remarked, “‘Revenant’ was a work that addressed the struggles of young people in reality and the economic inequality they face beneath the guise of an occult mystery drama, offering support and comfort. This honor belongs to Kim Eun-hee for accomplishing this challenging mission. I also want to share this award with all our staff members and young actors who gave their best effort behind the scenes.”

The New York TV & Film Awards, established in 1957, is a prestigious international awards ceremony showcasing various categories such as news, entertainment, documentaries, and sports. This year’s event featured diverse submissions across 14 categories. Among this year’s Korean drama finalists were SBS’s “Revenant”,’ “Reborn Rich,” “Doctor Cha,” and “The Good Bad Mom,” with “Revenant” achieving the grand prize.


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