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Taeyeon’s “To. X” continues to receive love 4 months after release, proving her vocal power once again

Taeyeon’s “To. X” continues to receive love 4 months after release, proving her vocal power once again.

Taeyeon‘s “To. X” has been receiving a lot of love even four months after its release. Taeyeon has once again proven her abilities as a trusted vocalist.

Debuting in Girls’ Generation in 2007, Taeyeon served as the leader and main vocalist, receiving love from many. She not only actively participated in group activities but also showcased her solo abilities by contributing to various drama OSTs. Following this, she announced her successful solo artist career with the release of her first mini-album ‘I’ in 2015.

Taeyeon has since released songs like “Four Seasons”, “INVU”, “Weekend”, “11:11”, and OSTs such as “If” and “Dream”, demonstrating her versatility in various genres. Additionally, she appeared as a fixed cast member on the tvN variety show “Amazing Saturday”, showcasing her cheerful personality, and also served as an MC on the Mnet variety show “Queendom 2”, where she interacted emotionally with junior artists, providing advice on stage, garnering significant attention with her meticulous and professional demeanor.

Last November, Taeyeon released her fifth mini-album “To. X”. This comeback, approximately one year and nine months after her third regular album “INVU” released in February 2022, attracted attention. Given Taeyeon’s popularity for her solid vocals and unique tone, expectations were high for “To. X” and her unique story.

The title track of the album, also named “To. X”, is an R&B song that blends a sophisticated guitar riff and a melodic melody, enhanced by Taeyeon’s delicate vocals, creating a calm and cool atmosphere. The lyrics express realizing that the other person is controlling them and announcing the end of the relationship. The synergy of Taeyeon’s unique sensibility and distinctive tone received much love.

As a result, Taeyeon won four music show wins with “To. X”. She achieved first place on the SBS music program “Inkigayo”, broadcasted on December 10th last year, and subsequently, from January 13th to 20th and 27th, she held the honor of three consecutive first-place wins on the MBC music program “Show! Music Core”. Remarkably, Taeyeon achieved these wins without appearing on music shows.

Taeyeon’s record is still ongoing. After entering the Melon weekly chart at No. 4 immediately after its release, “To. X” continued its long-running hit, maintaining its position in the top 10 for a record-breaking 15 weeks as of the 18th. Additionally, it secured the 7th position on the TOP100 chart (main chart, a combined ranking of trends in the last hour and 24 hours with a 50:50 ratio) as of the 20th, amidst strong competition from other hit songs.

This long-running success was ignited by a challenge. Although “To. X” was originally a song without choreography, it gained popularity after a video of Japanese dancer Taiga and rapper $HOR1 WINBOY performing a challenge dance went viral.

AI covers also gained attention online. AI covers involve using artificial intelligence to replace a singer’s vocals with those of another person, allowing listeners to hear their favorite songs in the voice of their favorite singer.

Thanks to the long-term love for “To. X”, Taeyeon released a remix version called “iScreaM VoL.30: To. X Remixes” on the 8th of last month. The remix version featured producer and DJ IMLAY from Scream Records and R&B/alternative rock newcomer HUNJIYA.

The IMLAY version of the remix is a chill trap genre song that expresses the change in emotions dramatically, utilizing telephone dial sound effects to depict a relationship changing over the phone. The HUNJIYA version of the remix is a Latin pop song with dancehall grooves mixed with Spanish guitar, evoking a sunny day in a tropical region.

Four months have passed since its release, and “To. X” is still receiving much love. The question of how long the passionate interest in Taeyeon’s breakup narrative will continue remains a topic of interest.


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