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TREASURE ascended to the top of the Japanese Billboard charts after successfully wrapping up Japan tour

TREASURE, successfully wrapping up a large-scale Japan tour, once again ascended to the top of the Japanese Billboard charts, reaffirming their hot popularity.

According to YG Entertainment on the 7th, TREASURE‘s 2nd album “Reboot” topped both the “Hot Albums” and “Top Album Sales” charts of the Japanese Billboard Comprehensive Album Chart announced the day before, securing two crowns.

This marks the second time they have reached the top, following their second regular album “Reboot” released in August last year, which went straight to No. 1 on both charts. Despite being released for a whopping 7 months, they maintained their popularity with 32 consecutive weeks and 31 consecutive weeks on each chart, once again realizing Treasure’s unique position in the local music market.

Recently released Japanese third mini-album “Reboot -JP Special Selection-” is also in the midst of popularity. Last week, this album, which previously swept No. 1 on “Hot Albums” and “Top Album Sales,” recorded 3rd place, marking TREASURE’s name in the top 3 of both charts for two consecutive weeks.

Especially considering that “Hot Albums” serves as a measure not only of the firepower of the local core fandom but also of its broad popularity, the significance is significant. This is interpreted as being fueled by the release of the new album, as well as a large-scale Japan tour and appearances on major terrestrial broadcasts, acting as catalysts for the surge in popularity locally.

In fact, TREASURE’s third Japanese mini-album “Reboot -JP Special Selection-” released on the 21st received a favorable response from music fans. It immediately topped the Japanese Oricon chart, and the new song “Let It Burn,” included in the first track, rose to the top of major local music charts, including Rakuten Music.

Meanwhile, TREASURE recently concluded their second large-scale Japan tour “2024 TREASURE Tour ‘Reboot” in Japan,’ spanning 8 cities and 16 performances, meeting 300,000 audiences. Furthermore, with an Asia tour starting in May and a Japan fan meeting tour scheduled for July, there are expectations for a further boost in their global rise.

Listen to TREASURE’s “Let it Burn” here!


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