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Rookie boy group WAKER is posing a bold challenge to the K-pop market

Rookie boy group WAKER is posing a bold challenge to the K-pop market.

WAKER will release their first mini album “Mission of School” through various music sites at noon (KST) today and make their official debut.

WAKER’s debut album “Mission of School” is an album that contains the first journey of those approaching their dreams, and the title song was chosen as “ATLANTIS”. “ATLANTIS” is a pop genre song with an impressive retro synthesizer, electric guitar, and heavy rhythm. It announces the path Waker aims for and the beginning of the story to be told in the future.

In addition, the title song was produced by composer ROHAN, and the MOFT team took charge of directing the performance to improve its perfection. Johnny Bros director Lee Sa-gang took the helm of the music video and helped Waker get off to a great start.

In addition, even though it is a mini album, ‘Mission of School’ attracts attention by containing as many as 10 tracks. This is a volume that generally corresponds to a regular album, and is a glimpse into Waker’s fighting spirit and determination for his debut.

WAKER’s team name, which makes its official debut through this album, means ‘one who awakens’ and contains the ambition to ‘knock on the dreams of youth who have not yet awakened.’ Currently, WAKER has started their career in Japan and is receiving positive reviews there, and plans to use the release of his debut album as an opportunity to actively promote in both Korea and Japan at the same time.

The agency, Howling Entertainment, said, “All of the members have experienced various audition programs such as ‘Produce 101,’ ‘Mix Nine,’ ‘Boy Fantasy,’ and ‘Youth Star,’ so not only are they talented, but their determination, passion, and fighting spirit for their debut are truly unique. We ask for your interest in their first steps.”

Meanwhile, their debut album “Mission of School” will be released simultaneously around the world through each music site at noon (KST) on the 8th, and the music video for “ATLANTIS” will be released at the same time.


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