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Actors Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin shared behind-the-scenes stories from the filming set ‘Lovers’

On the broadcast of ‘Lovers Part 1 Rewind Film’ on the 8th, behind-the-scenes stories from the passionate production team and actors of ‘Lovers’ were revealed.

Writer Hwang Jin-young, who began shooting 9 months ago for ‘Lovers,’ said, “I planned it 5 years ago. I wondered if it would become a drama. So when I actually started, I was calm.” She mentioned the start of ‘Lovers,’ saying, “I was very interested in historical events like the Byungja Horan. I thought that the people recorded as sinners in history had their own backgrounds at the time.” Director Kim Sung-yong, who directed the drama, added, “I wanted to convey how people living in that era survived.”

Especially, the behind-the-scenes stories of Namkoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin, who depicted the passionate love between lovers that seemed to touch but not quite in the drama with delicate and deep acting, were also revealed. Namkoong Min said, “From the first time I read the script, I felt that the line ‘From now on, no one can pass through here’ was the coolest.” He added, “The scene where I hugged and said, ‘My heart has changed,’ was so well-directed by the director, and the editing was so well done, so it turned out beautifully. Also, I really liked ‘Jeongmil Min-gun’.” He picked three scenes as memorable.

Ahn Eun-jin said, “In the scene where Eun-ae and Bang Du-ne give each other stones, ‘Where can you find such a thing?’,” and “In the role of Yong-gol Dae, when Yeong-woo oppa went to the Qing Dynasty base and why he was so shy, Yong-gol Dae, Hong Tai-ji people have zero synchronization. They are too cute and pretty in reality, so it was fun to watch the drama.”

On the other hand, Ahn Eun-jin praised Director Kim Sung-yong’s energy on the warm set. “I also have moments when my energy runs out, even though I usually have a lot of energy on set. Our director is an unwavering light.” Namkoong Min also said with a laugh, “If your voice is so loud, can’t your vocal cords rest? Are your vocal cords strong?”

Namkoong Min announced in the making video, “There are many crazy scenes,” and admired the detailed acting. He said, “It’s the power of the writer. She gave me a well-drawn line.” However, writer Hwang Jin-young said, “Namkoong Min has everything,” and added, “When shooting, he is rational and persistent, but behind the scenes, he is cheerful and humorous,” conveying Namkoong Min’s charm.

Namkoong Min also complained, “It was tough because it was an action with a sword. I had to touch it directly with a sword, but I was worried that my co-star might get hurt, so it didn’t look natural.” He continued, “The most difficult part was when we fought on Ganghwado at a ratio of 17:1. It was so hot, and I was wearing a thick armor that didn’t release any heat at all, so I felt like I was possessed by evil. I sweated so much, so that was the hardest part.”

Finally, Namkoong Min said, “I hope Part 2 starts soon. Part 2 contains a more exciting and beautiful love story than Part 1. I’m itching to tell you quickly. Please wait a little longer. I will come back with Part 2 that won’t disappoint you.” Ahn Eun-jin added, “We worked hard on the set, and we are shooting with the energy you gave us. Part 2 will be here soon. See you soon.”

Meanwhile, on the 2nd of this month, MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Lovers’ concluded Part 1 amid the hot interest and love of viewers. Episode 10 of ‘Lovers’ recorded its highest viewership rating to date, with 12.2% nationwide and 11.5% in the metropolitan area, setting a new record. ‘Lovers’ is a human history melodrama that deals with the love of lovers that diverges as they experience the Byungja Horan and the vitality of the people. ‘Lovers’ Part 2 is expected to arrive in mid-October.


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