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Emotional Turning Point for “Lovers 2”: Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun-jin’s relationship evolves amidst challenging choices

In the MBC Friday-Saturday drama “Lovers,” Namgoong Min and An Eun-jin’s affectionate relationship is reaching a turning point.

In the second part of the drama “Lovers,” which aired on the 27th and 28th of last month, a scene depicted Jeongwon (played by Lee Chung-ah), who is blinded by jealousy, threatening Lee Jang-hyun (played by Namgoong Min) with the safety of the Joseon prisoners as a condition.

In the end, Lee Jang-hyun, risking his life, reluctantly said farewell to Yoo Gil-chae (played by An Eun-jin), whom he protected. Believing that she shouldn’t bring any more trouble to Lee Jang-hyun, Yoo Gil-chae accepted the breakup and returned to Hanyang, declaring her divorce to Gu Won-moo (played by Ji Seung-hyun).

I missed you” 'Lovers' Part 2 Namgoong Min, heart-throbbing, melodious look toward ♥Ahn Eun-jin < Entertainment < 기사본문 - SPOTV

While in Shimyang, Lee Jang-hyun openly expressed his feelings to Yoo Gil-chae. However, Yoo Gil-chae, even though she loved Lee Jang-hyun, couldn’t fully accept his feelings. This was because she had her family and precious people in Hanyang, including family and friends like Kyungeun-ae (played by Lee Da-in).

Even if Gu Won-moo rejected her, she couldn’t stay by Lee Jang-hyun’s side as a woman while she was still married. Lee Jang-hyun also couldn’t force his love more strongly on Yoo Gil-chae, who had a strong sense of responsibility.

Meanwhile, Yoo Gil-chae decided on a divorce. The obstacles between the two have disappeared. Now, the focus is on when Lee Jang-hyun will find out about Yoo Gil-chae’s divorce.

The production team of “Lovers” stated, “The moment Lee Jang-hyun finds out about Yoo Gil-chae’s divorce will be a very important turning point in the direction of their love. As the emotions of the two characters have been intricately woven, the moment Lee Jang-hyun discovers Yoo Gil-chae’s divorce will have a significant impact on the viewers. Namgoong Min and An Eun-jin, the two actors, are expressing the deepening love of the Jang-chae couple with delicate and profound performances. The staff on the filming set are amazed by the passionate acting of the two actors every time. We ask for your continued interest and expectations.”

Episode 17 of “Lovers” will be broadcast on the 4th at 9:50 PM (KST).

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