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“Lovers 2″‘s story unfolds: Namgoong Min ends relationship with Lee Chung Ah amid threats – An Eun Jin and Ji Seung Hyun divorce drama unfolds

Complex relationship dynamics unfold as threats force Namgoong Min‘s character to break up with Lee Chung Ah, while An Eun Jin and Ji Seung Hyun face an impending divorce in “Lovers 2”

On the 28th, in the MBC drama “Lovers 2,” Yu Gil Chae (played by Ahn Eun Jin) returned to Joseon.

On this day, Yi Jang-hyun (played by Namgoong Min) expressed his gratitude to Gak-hwa (played by Lee Chung Ah) for sending back Yu Gil-chae, saying, “That woman shouldn’t be allowed to stay by your side. She has to go back to Joseon.”

And Gak-hwa went to the emperor and said, “Leave the matter of the Joseon captives to me.”

The king warned her, “You’re the daughter who saved my life, so I could give you the world. I know you’ve been hunting the Joseon captives, but don’t cross the line. If you treat the captives harshly, you’ll lose public support.”

Gil-chae decided not to return to Joseon, and Jang-hyun and Gil-chae spent some time alone.

Suddenly, Jang-hyun embraced Gil-chae and said, “Can’t I stay with you now? If you don’t like it here, where would you like to go? Your husband has abandoned you, so you don’t need to be loyal anymore.”

But Gil-chae said she had to hear from her husband, Gu Won-moo (played by Ji Seung Hyun), and Jang-hyun realized the reality, saying, “That’s right, you have a husband, a father, and a younger brother.”

At that moment, Gak-hwa made two demands of Jang-hyun. Gak-hwa said, “What I want is you, you. But if you don’t come to me, I’ll bury you and all the Joseon captives you’re bringing with you. If you want that woman, you can bury all the captives.” She threatened.

Thus, Jang-hyun was tormented between Gil-chae and the Joseon captives. Just then, Gil-chae came looking for Jang-hyun, and Jang-hyun said, “Go back to Joseon, we’re nothing to each other, so you don’t have to be in debt to me,” he said.

Jang-hyun added, “I hung on my wife and nearly died because of my wife. I’ve done everything I can without asking for anything. So now there’s nothing left in my heart, so go back.” Gil-chae’s life might be in danger, and Jang-hyun’s choice was for Gil-chae and the Joseon captives.

Gil-chae, who returned to Joseon, went to see her husband, Gu Won-moo (played by Ji Seung Hyun), but there was another woman. When Gil-chae asked, “Who is that woman?”

Gu Won-moo said, “Don’t worry, I’ll settle it.” But when she asked if there was nothing wrong, Gil-chae didn’t say a word.

The next day, Gil-chae went to Gu Won-moo again and said, “I suffered a humiliating disgrace by being sold to Olanggae. I was repatriated with Jang Hyun’s help. I’m sorry for giving my heart to Jang-hyun,” and chose divorce.


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