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Captivating charms of ‘Lovers’: Unveiling the melodramatic magic amidst war and love

MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Lovers’ (produced by Hong Seok Woo, directed by Kim Sung Yong, Lee Han Joon, and Cheon Soo Jin, written by Hwang Jin Young) is experiencing a tremendous surge in popularity. The 5th episode on the 18th recorded a viewership rating of 8.4%, and the 6th episode on the 19th recorded a viewership rating of 8.8%. This not only makes ‘Lovers’ the top-rated drama in its time slot, but it also secures the top spot in viewership ratings across all channels during the same time period. Moreover, ‘Lovers’ and its cast members are dominating various buzzworthy metrics. It’s truly a reaction to the syndrome of ‘Lovers’ starting. (Based on Nielsen Korea’s nationwide standards)

So, what is the reason behind viewers’ enthusiastic response to ‘Lovers’? What drove the dramatic increase in its viewership ratings? Let’s analyze the unique charms of ‘Lovers’ that set it apart from other dramas.

Namgoong Min♥Ahn Eun Jin, A Love Like Fate That Even War Can’t Stop

The first charm point of ‘Lovers’ is its ‘melodrama’ element. Writer Hwang Jin Young described ‘Lovers’ as a story about how far and what someone in love is willing to do. This is proven as the lives of the main characters, Lee Jang Hyun (played by Namgoong Min) and Yoo Gil Chae (played by Ahn Eun Jin), undergo radical changes due to ‘love.’ Lee Jang Hyun risks his life to save Yoo Gil Chae, while Yoo Gil Chae faces danger to uphold her promise to Lee Jang Hyun.

Actors Namgoong Min and Ahn Eun Jin portray the poignant love of lovers amidst the harsh backdrop of war with delicate yet intense performances, leading to a significant increase in viewer immersion. Many viewers are eagerly anticipating Lee Jang Hyun and Yoo Gil Chae confirming each other’s feelings and finding happiness together. This fate-like love that can’t even be halted by war touches the hearts of the viewers.

◆ Harsh War of Byungja Horan, A Tragic History That Must Not Be Forgotten

‘Lovers’ is set against the historical backdrop of the Byungja Horan. In 1636, the Qing Dynasty invaded Joseon. King Injo of Joseon sought refuge in Namhansanseong Fortress, but he couldn’t overcome the ongoing war and Qing’s pressure, eventually submitting to Qing. This is the familiar Byungja Horan in our history.

However, ‘Lovers’ doesn’t stop at this point. It vividly portrays the tragic suffering and pain that the people had to endure due to the Byungja Horan. Facing death while fleeing, women take their own lives to avoid violation. ‘Lovers’ depicts the unforgettable tragic history of the Byungja Horan from the perspective of the people. This is the reason viewers shed tears and wait for ‘Lovers’ episode by episode.

◆ Realistic Lee Jang Hyun X Independent Yoo Gil Chae, Characters that Change and Grow

After the outbreak of the Byungja Horan, Lee Jang Hyun declares that he will flee to protect the king who is escaping for his life, not to protect the king who leaves his people behind. He steps into the war not to save the king who prioritizes himself over innocent lives, but to protect those who are dying innocently. Viewers are captivated by the realistic yet charming character of Lee Jang Hyun, a character like no other seen before.

Before the outbreak of the Byungja Horan, Yoo Gil Chae was a young lady who grew up beautifully. Her focus was her lover’s affection and the attention of men. But in the face of war, she transforms into a proactive and assertive individual. She delivers a baby for the first time in her life and even kills a traitor to save her friend. The growth of Yoo Gil Chae and the powerful performance by Ahn Eun Jin capturing this transformation elevated the drama’s immersion. Nam Yeon Joon (played by Lee Hak Joo) and Gyeong Eun Ae (played by Lee Da In) also change as they experience war. It’s the captivating charm of ‘Lovers’ unique characters that grabs the viewers’ attention.

The syndrome of ‘Lovers’ has begun. Six episodes of ‘Lovers’ have been aired so far. We anticipate what heartrending and poignant moments will emerge in the remaining episodes, and what strong allure will draw the viewers in. ‘Lovers’ airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 PM.”


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