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“Dare to Love Me” has released character posters featuring Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yu-young

KBS2’s new Monday-Tuesday drama “Dare to Love Me” has released character posters featuring Kim Myung-soo and Lee Yu-young.

In the character posters of “Dare to Love Me”, Kim Myung-soo portrays Shin Yoon-bok, an MZ-era scholar, wearing a traditional hanbok and a hat, enjoying calligraphy with a straight posture and captivating gaze. He exudes an unapproachable aura of a strong “wall-like man,” not giving a glance to Mini Kim Hong-do, who orbits around him. His expressionless face reveals a firm determination to remain unwavering.

Dare to Love Me (TV series) - Wikipedia

On the other hand, Mini Kim Hong-do’s surroundings are scattered with colored pencils, contrasting with the neatness of Shin Yoon-bok. Her lovely charm is highlighted by a flower-shaped ring and a colorful knit with frills. Particularly, the heart arrow shot by Mini Shin Yoon-bok, stuck in Kim Hong-do’s head, suggests an unabashed straight path towards Shin Yoon-bok.

The title “Dare to Love Me” hints at the relationship dynamic between Shin Yoon-bok, who blocks all advances, and Kim Hong-do, who relentlessly throws kicks. Anticipations are high for the delightful smiles and excitement that Shin Yoon-bok and Kim Hong-do’s defense romance will bring in this love showdown without a clear winner.

“Dare to Love Me” (written by Park Yoo-mi / directed by Jang Yang-ho / based on the Naver webtoon <Handle with Care> by author Sunwoo) will premiere on May 13th (Monday) at 10:10 PM (KST).


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