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IU faces threats leading to police intervention

K-Pop singer and actress IU has recently disclosed threats made on her life and vowed to take stern measures.

On the 6th, IU’s agency, EDAM Entertainment, stated, “Recent threats have been reported against our artist that led to emergency dispatches at our company building, Kakao Entertainment’s office, and the artist’s residence. The violent acts targeting our artist have already crossed the line.”

Explaining the situation at the time, the agency conveyed, “The artist was filming. After the investigative agency ensured the security and safety of the scene, the situation was concluded,” while immediately strengthening security measures for the artist. False reports can also be subject to punishment. We will seek prompt and strict penalties from the investigative agency,” they expressed their intent to rigorously respond even to allegations about IU violating copyright laws.

In this matter, the investigative agency made a non-prosecution decision. Following this, EDAM has taken legal action against individuals continuously defaming the artist with false information. “In February, we filed a complaint with the Gangnam Police Station in Seoul against multiple SNS accounts and IDs, which we strongly suspect belong to the accuser, for defaming our artist with false information. The case is currently under investigation,” EDAM elaborated.

They continued, “We have provided data to the investigator in charge to identify the individual believed to be the accuser, waiting for a response from the company after applying for a warrant and its execution to obtain communication records. We are in the process of obtaining the accuser’s personal details through information disclosure requests to the relevant institutions. Once the details are obtained, we are also preparing to file additional charges against the accuser for defamation and other offences,” the agency announced.


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