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Lee Gyu-hyung’s character stills as Kang Sung-min in Disney+’s original series  “Uncle Samshik” have been revealed

Lee Gyu-hyung’s character stills as Kang Sung-min, a ruthless politician, in Disney+’s original series  “Uncle Samshik” have been revealed.

Lee Gyu-hyung plays the role of Kang Sung-min, a prominent figure considered a future leader. His path to becoming a congressman was not easy, but thanks to Uncle Samshik, who knew everything about him from childhood to personal matters and helped him handle difficult tasks, he was able to establish himself as a politician.

Kang Sung-min harbors a cruel aspect of removing obstacles ruthlessly to achieve his ambitions, constantly living in suspicion and anxiety. However, his anxiety intensifies as people he considered partners start making unreasonable demands, and Kim San appears around Samshiki Samchon.

The revealed character stills capture Kang Sung-min’s desire-filled gaze towards his goals, along with a sense of unease and restlessness, reflecting his complex inner self.

Lee Gyu-hyung expressed fascination with the dual nature of Kang Sung-min, stating, “The sharp, emotionless demeanor resembling a blade juxtaposed with vulnerable aspects only shown to Uncle Samshik. I find this duality most appealing. When reading the script, I instantly had ideas on how to portray him.”

He further mentioned, “I discussed extensively with the director about how to approach the character differently depending on his relationships, without revealing his inner thoughts to others, to achieve what he desires.”

Director Shin Yeon-shik praised Lee Gyu-hyung’s exceptional performance, stating, “Among the powerful figures, there are those who are mentally weak compared to their authority. We needed to depict a complex image, and for that, we chose Gyu-hyung, who expressed it wonderfully.”

“Uncle Samshik” marks actor Song Kang-ho’s first series, and with the collaboration of talented actors such as Byun Yo-han, Lee Gyu-hyung, Jin Ki-joo, and Seo Hyun-woo, showcasing solid writing and delicate acting, it promises to be a well-made series.

The Disney+ original series “Uncle Samshiki’ will premiere with 5 episodes on May 15, followed by 2 episodes weekly, and the final week will feature 3 episodes, totaling 16 episodes.


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