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STAYC’s Sieun revealed that she shares positive synergy with her father, Park Nam Jung

The media showcase for STAYC‘s third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH’ took place on the 16th in the afternoon at Ilji Art Hall in Gangnam, Seoul.

The new album ‘TEENFRESH’ captures STAYC’s identity and charm. STAYC emphasized a more refreshing charm that suits the summer concept, rather than the previously presented TEENFRESH genre songs.

The title track ‘Bubble’ is a lively synth bass sound song that delivers a message to live as oneself, comparing the gaze and words of others that bother me to quickly disappearing bubbles, suggesting not to conform to the world’s desired circle but to live like an unpredictable circle.

Given that STAYC led numerous challenges with songs like ‘ASAP’ and ‘Teddy Bear’, various challenges are also prepared for the new song ‘Bubble’. Especially, not only dance challenges but also a ‘Nagging Challenge’ that matches the lyrics is anticipated.

Sumin expressed, “Since there are many cute choreographies this time, if many people join the challenge, I think a lot of fans will like it,” revealing her anticipation.

Sieun‘s father, Park Nam Jung, participated in the challenge during the previous comeback of ‘Teddy Bear’ and drew attention. When asked if there are plans for challenges this time as well, Sieun hesitated, wondering how to respond. Yoon added, “I think we can stop here,” with a smile. Sieun appealed, “Please look forward to it.”

Although Sieun has been recognized as ‘Park Nam Jung’s daughter’ since her childhood but recently Park Nam Jung has been referred to as ‘STAYC Sieun’s father’ as well.

Regarding this, Sieun said, “Both my father and I think of it very proudly and happily. My dad is also proud and happy when he talks about it on radio or broadcasts, and while doing broadcasts, I feel that we both receive positive synergy from each other.” She added, “While doing broadcasts with the members, we also hear praises about my dad from senior artists, and we both feel a positive influence and a sense of pride.”

Meanwhile, STAYC’s third mini-album ‘TEENFRESH’ will be released on various online music sites at 6 pm on the 16th.

Author Nat.O
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