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 TVXQ! left a comment on their agency SM Entertainment

 TVXQ! left a comment on their agency SM Entertainment.

TVXQ! appeared on JTBC’s “Knowing Brothers”, which aired on the 13th, and talked about SM Entertainment.

Seo Jang-hoon asked, “TVXQ’s achievements are enormous. How many floors do you think TVXQ! raised in the SM headquarters building?”

U-know Yunho responded, “The number of floors is not important. I would like to say that we have created a support. There needs to be a support to build the building. “I think we can do it,” he said, expressing pride in TVXQ!’s performance.

Max Changmin said, “I thought it was about three floors raised.”

Also, when asked, “Who do you think is the artist with the biggest stake?”

U-Know Yunho looked at Kim Hee-chul, saying, “I think Super Junior also played a big role.”

Then he responded, “Heechul, did he just wear a sash?”, which made everyone laugh.

Meanwhile, Seo Jang-hoon mentioned artists who served as executives, such as BoA, and asked, “Isn’t it time for you to do the same?” Kim Young-cheol also wondered, “Won’t the company give you a position?” and U-Know Yunho replied, “I don’t think there has been one yet.”

Max Changmin expressed his regret, saying, “Our friends who debuted later than us also got titles in the company. I did my best for the company for 20 years, but I am just a singer under the company.”

He added, “I never dreamed of becoming a director, but I ended up becoming someone else. I thought. SM is going wrong. It’s a mess.”


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