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BTS’s V successfully gained 10kg after enlisting

BTS’s V successfully gained 10kg after enlisting.

On the 14th,BTSV shared his current status directly on the fan community platform Weverse, saying, “I’ll give you a mid-report. Achieved 72.5kg. I’ll come back again. Salute.”

Last December 6th, before enlisting, V revealed an unusual goal during a live broadcast, saying, “I’ll build up my stamina. I lost weight to 62kg, but I’ll make it 86kg.” RM, who was also on the live broadcast with him, showed a surprised reaction, saying, “I’ll stop him.”

Later, V enlisted with RM at the Nonsan Training Center on December 11th last year. After his military enlistment, eyewitness accounts of V’s dining habits were shared online, making fans laugh as they said, “He is adapting well to military life and eats really well.”

Meanwhile, V has been assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division’s Ssangyong Unit at the Chuncheon Army Base in Gangwon Province to continue his military service. V serves as a special member of the Military Police Unit under the command of the Headquarters.

BTS Sends Off RM And V As They Enlist In The Military | Soompi

Previously, V passed the first document screening, second interview, and physical fitness test to apply for the Special Mission Unit (SDT) under the Capital Defense Command. V’s expected date of discharge is June 10, 2025.


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